Sentimental Reason



People smoke for a reason. Some think that smoking makes them look cool. This type of people usually do things based on people’s judgment. Society opinion really matter to them. At some point, their ability to make a choice depends on society perception. Their action is not rooted into expression but acceptance. In contrary to previous example, some people think that smoking is not activity that involve people judgment. They see it as a private activity that should be exercised privately in order to maximize its utility. This people believe that conformity is born with in ourselves, and it’s not created by someone else.

Of course their reason is not universally accepted. It’s only justifiable in their own head. Not only their reason but also their activity, smoking, that is not universally accepted. This concept is similar with concept of a nation. Country’s ideology only valid in their own territory. They can’t force other country to exercise same ideology. Last time it happened, it was World War II. When Germans shoved their ideology to everyone throat.

Although forcing is illegal, they still can seek for alliance. An individual who believe the same idea is needed in order to survive this wild world. Wouldn’t it be nice to appreciate something and do it in the same method with one peculiar person? There is something magical with enjoying something with alliance. It’s beyond imagination. If you ask Hitler how was his feeling when he discussed the plot of WWII with Mussolini, I know he’ll answer the same. Beyond imagination.

It’s beautiful to enjoy something with alliance. If you want to invade the world and make chaos, do it with your partner. If you want to get killed by inject smokes into your lung, do it with your partner. Die with dignity like Hitler and smoker. It’s your choice.

Smoking kills.


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